Etelä-Savon Kotihoitajat Oy was founded to improve
the well-being of citizens, as well as to focus on care of elder people.

The company's employees are mostly young and energetic students
and graduates. However, home caring is performed by professionals, who possess years
of experience in this field. Professional knowledge and skills of our employees are verified before
they are authorized to act on their assigned duties, since faults in this field are not acceptable.
One of the company's goals is to provide students and graduates with professional training and employment.
Doing this, we work to improve public services and bring the City of Mikkeli stable welfare.
In our business we strive to ensure that each customer receives high-quality services with personal approach.

Eli sairaustapauksia, ja lomia lukuun ottamatta jokaisella asiakkaalla on vain yksi,
asiakkaan itsensä hyväksymä kotiapulainen. Tämä nopeuttaa monia työsuorituksia,
sillä työntekijämme tietävät ja tuntevat tarpeenne\mieltymyksenne, sekä kotinne ja mistä mitäkin löytyy.

We are eager to be in every way to treat our customers as individuals,
and to appreciate each of you, such as human dignity should be.

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